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Hello, friends- The ranking system was updated for the new year.


1. Reduced Scoring Period

The period for ranking points has been reduced from 360 days to 300 days. This change reflects a higher (expected) frequency of events. The intended goal is to keep the ranking as "fresh" as possible, but not make the change too drastic because the calendar is still dependent on the global response to the pandemic.


2. Points for Losses

A small number of points will be given for losing. This is meant to reward teams for being active and participating in events. This will help more teams get ranked and active teams will achieve a higher ranking than less active teams.

The amount of points will be a percentage of the number of points for winning:

  • League / Group Stage matches: Loser gets 1% of the points for a win
  • Upper Bracket matches: Loser gets 2% of the points for a win
  • Lower Bracket matches: Loser gets 1.5% of the points for a win
  • Finals: Loser gets 4% of the points for a win

Example: If the winner of a Group Stage match gets 100 points, the loser gets 1 point.

Losses as a result of disqualification will not be awarded points. Instead, they will be considered a loss by forfeit (= 0 points).


3. Removal of Bonus Points

Previously, bonus points were awarded for teams that were invited to an event as well as teams that qualified for an event. No more bonus points will be awarded to simplify the scoring and make it completely match/results-based.


4. Manual Points Adjustment for Minority-Female Teams

If a team temporarily plays with a minority-female line-up, we can make a manual adjustment to the points they earn.

Example: Vicimus Elda finished ESEA Season 39 with a minority-female line-up (2 women + 3 men). The points they received for winning/losing was reduced to 40% to reflect the change in roster composition.


These features (including examples) are also updated in the article explaining the ranking system.


EXTRA: Reactivations after Cash Cup

Following the first edition of ESEA's Women's Cash Cup, several teams were reinstated. They inherit the points from the previous iteration of their team because at least three players are still together. The were the reinstated teams (former team name in parentheses if applicable):

  • TotalneGituwy (Izako Boars Ladies)
  • 4750mix (4750 Crew)
  • equipa (Vodafone Giants Red)
  • Union Association (HyperSpace Girls)
  • HSG Esports Fe (Tyloo Fe)
  • The Little Bocks (Cyberstorm Blue)
  • Apricus (Gator Gaming Fe)
  • ToxxnoChill (gr1ll power)
  • EGN Z (EGN Fe)
  • Illusion (cyclone/pride)
  • 55 POWER
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