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Hello, friends- The ranking system was updated with a few new features.


1. Points Normalisation

The biggest update is that points have been "normalised", which means that the ranking will no longer show the number of event points for each team.

Instead, teams will have between 1 and 1000 ranking points, somewhat comparable to how the HLTV ranking works.

The ranking points are still based on the event points, but with an extra calculation derived from the points leader.

The idea behind this update was to make the absolute difference in points smaller between all the teams, but still maintain an accurate relative difference between the teams.


As of 14 December 2020, Galaxy Racer Fe had the most event points (points scored from winning games / events): 2393.

Their points are then divided by 1000: 2393 / 1000 = 2.393.

Every team then has its event points divided by this number to end up with the number of ranking points (points displayed in the ranking):

  • Galaxy Racer Fe: 2393 event points divided by 2.393 = 1000 ranking points
  • XSET: 2082 event points divided by 2.393 = 870 ranking points
  • FURIA Fe: 1977 event points divided by 2.393 = 826 ranking points
  • and so on.
  • The number of event points that the #1 team has will be different from moment to moment. The ranking denominator is dynamic and will always be recalculated with each update. If next week's event points leader has 2425 points, for example, then every team's ranking points will be calculated by dividing their event points by 2.425.
  • The #1 team in the ranking will always have 1000 ranking points.
  • A team needs at least 1 ranking point to be included in the list.


2. Points for Split-Format Playoffs

Split-format refers to when BO1 and BO3 are both used within the same portion of an event. One example is a playoff structure with a BO1 upper bracket but a BO3 lower bracket.

Going forward, split-format event portions will count as "multi-map", but BO1 matches within those formats will only receive half the amount of points.

This makes an upper bracket win still count as a BO1 even though the (rest of the) event portion is scored as a BO3.


3. Half Points for FFWs

In the past, a forfeit win (FFW) was awarded the same amount of points as a regular win.

Going forward, a FFW will only be awarded half the amount of points of a regular win.

No points are given for FFWs in qualifiers.


4. Scoring Qualifiers

Previously, qualifiers weren't scored for the ranking.

Going forward, points will be awarded for wins during qualifiers. However, points are only recorded for teams that have participated in at least two previous qualifiers (regardless for which event).


These features (including examples) are also updated in the article explaining the ranking system.

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