FECS2020: Top Performers of the Year

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3 January, 2021

In 2020, more than 1,000 matches were played in female CS competition. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, there was only one LAN event (GirlGamer Festival World Finals Dubai). All the other matches were played online.

On the one hand, this limits any judgement on which teams are “truly” the best. However, it does offer a look into how teams stack up regionally.

Here’s a look at the top performers of the past year, both globally and by region.


Overall Top Performers

Three teams went undefeated against female opposition in 2020: XSET (14-0), CLG Red (5-0) and Tyloo Fe (17-0).

The highlights included XSET and CLG Red winning both the Summer and Winter editions of DreamHack Showdown in their region, as well as Tyloo Fe sealing victory in both the Spring and Autumn editions of Legion of Valkyries.

FURIA Fe and ATK Fe round out the overall Top 5, making it clear who the dominant forces were in each region. FURIA Fe went on an absolute tear in Latin-America, winning every event they entered, including Masters Feminina 1 and 2. Similarly, ATK Fe were the top team in South Africa with wins in the Iris League Diamond Cup and the Gamedock Cup.

* A minimum of five (5) wins was required to be listed.


CLG RedNA5501.000
Tyloo FeAPAC171701.000
FURIA FeLATAM474520.957
ATK FeZA262330.885

Now, let’s take a closer look at each region!


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Top Performers in EU

XSET (14-0) led the pack here after going undefeated in 2020. They’re followed by NOFEAR5 (42-11) and Galaxy Racer Fe (27-8), who were both very solid against female opposition.

NOFEAR5 won both Season 13 and Season 14 of Women’s Open, while Galaxy Racer Fe collected the winner’s cheques at both the Summer and Autumn editions of the Ambush Female Cup.

Arcane Wave (19-10) and Izako Boars Ladies (23-15) round out the EU Top 5.

* A minimum of 10 wins was required to be listed with at least 50% of the wins coming from non-qualifier matches.


Galaxy Racer FeEU352780.771
Arcane WaveEU2919100.655
Izako Boars LadiesEU3823150.605
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Top Performers in NA

Undefeated CLG Red (5-0) are top of the standings here, of course.

Dignitas Fe (19-9), silhouette (10-7), Violent Roses (13-11) and Cyberstorm Blue (10-11) follow and all four teams also participated in Super Girl Gamer Pro (which skews the win-loss stats a bit).

Nonetheless, all four teams also participated in at least one of the NA DreamHack Showdowns, with Dignitas Fe finishing as the runner-up twice, Cyberstorm Blue clinching third-place in the Summer edition, and Violent Roses delivering an opening round upset win over Dignitas Fe during the Winter edition.

* A minimum of five (5) wins was required to be listed.


CLG RedNA5501.000
Dignitas FeNA281990.679
Violent RosesNA2413110.542
Cyberstorm BlueNA2110110.476
#FECS2020 - Banner - Matches - LATAM

Top Performers in LATAM

FURIA Fe (45-2) ran the table in this region, followed by Severe Ladies (44-15) and 9z Team Fe (46-20).

Severe Ladies were a strong contender throughout the year with runner-up finishes at the first and second BGS Campeonato Feminino and Master Feminina 1. Similarly, 9z Team Fe put up strong performances in 2020, placing second at Masters Feminina 2 and winning Balada das Minas.

Black Dragons Fe (37-19) and Soberano Fe (38-22) round out the LATAM Top 5.

* A minimum of five (5) wins was required to be listed.


FURIA FeLATAM474520.957
9z Team FeLATAM6646200.697
Black Dragons FeLATAM5637190.661
Soberano FeLATAM6038220.633
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Top Performers in APAC

The table in APAC is led by undefeated Tyloo Fe (17-0). They are followed by BTR.Esports (4-1), who were runners-up at Legion of Valkyries in the spring, and 5ks Fe, who finished second in the ImbaTV Women Pro League.

Celestè (6-4) and Carnage Fe (4-3) round out the APAC Top 5.

* A minimum of four (4) wins was required to be listed.


Tyloo FeAPAC171701.000
5ks FeAPAC12930.750
Carnage FeAPAC7430.571
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Top Performers in ZA

ATK Fe (23-3) sit atop the ZA table with Omnius Gaming Fe (19-8) having become their closest rival in the scene after a runner-up finish at the Gamedock Cup.

Insignius Iridescence (11-6), Sinister5 Fe (11-11) and White Rabbit Amaryllis (9-18) round out the ZA Top 5.

* A minimum of five (5) wins was required to be listed.


ATK FeZA262330.885
Omnius Gaming FeZA271980.704
Insignius IridescenceZA171160.647
Sinister5 FeZA2211110.500
White Rabbit AmaryllisZA279180.333

Want more?

On the Teams page, you’ll find more data on each female team, including the overall win-loss record as well as the win-loss record against female opponents.



  • The data is based on matches between female teams only, extracted from both the Results overview and a separate database that only tracks results (wins and losses, but not score or map played).
  • Wins or losses by forfeit were excluded.

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