Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Community Cup

A fun, transparent and competitive female 5v5 CS:GO tournament to support the female CS:GO scene.

Event Info

Date: Sunday, 10 October 2021
Start Time: 13:00 CEST
Format: Single-Elim BO3 (except Round 1)

Prize Pool

Winner: 300 CHF (Swiss Francs)
Runner-Up: 200 CHF
Extra: 3x 100 CHF

Registration Info

Max. Number of Teams: 32
Registration Deadline: Friday, 8 October 2021 at 13:00 CEST

The tournament has concluded. Congratulations to the champions, Nigma Galaxy Fe!

Thank you to everyone for playing and watching!



Registration has closed

We're very excited with all the teams who have signed up to compete this Sunday!

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Registration Form

Please fill in the form below to register your team for the event. The tournament organiser will invite your team via Challengermode to join the tournament.

If you don't have a Challengermode account, you can create one for free at

Tournament Rules

Rule 1 - Premise

  • This is a CS GO tournament for female players from Europe.
  • The premise of the tournament is to have a fun, transparent and competitive tournament for female CS GO players of any skill and experience level to compete with competitive integrity.
  • The goal of the tournament is to promote the CS GO female scene, individual CS GO female players and good sportsmanship.
  • The tournament is being held on Sunday, 10 October 2021, at 1pm CEST using The tournament organisers are in no way affiliated with challengermode.
  • The tournament is organised by @Allenwinden360. Any decisions made in the tournament are ultimately his. @Allenwinden360 is supported by @Marijn_gg and @femalecs in organising the tournament.
  • The tournament can be found on challengermode using the following link:
  • It is forbidden to cheat in any way in this tournament. A non conclusive list of things considered cheating is:
  • Third party software such as aim assists or wall hacks. Bunny hop scripts. Pixel walks. (buy-scripts and jump-scripts are allowed, custom player models are not allowed)

Rule 2 - Teams and sign up

  • A team can sign up by creating a team on and by the team captain sending a message to @Allenwinden360 or filling out the form on the "Registration" tab
  • The teams are invited manually to the tournament (link above). The sign up closes at 1pm Friday, 8 October 2021, and the last invite must be accepted max. 1 hour after that.
  • It is required that the team captain can be reached by either Twitter, Discord or Steam. The team captain must be able to communicate in English with the tournament organisers
  • A team consists of 5 female players, up to one stand-in and up to one coach.
  • The stand-in has to be female as well while the coach does not. Coaches are only allowed to talk during timeouts (there will be random checks).
  • If there are reasonable doubt to a players identity (e.g. being female), further information might be requested.
  • Once a team has registered, the captain will be shared with a discord invite link. See rule 5 for further information.
  • The tournament is limited to 32 teams. The sign-up process works in a first come first serve manner.

Rule 3 - Prize pool

  • The prize pool consists of cash prizes of total CHF (Swiss Francs) 700. The prize pool is split into CHF 300 the team winning the final and CHF 200 to the team losing the final.
  • Moreover, CHF 100 is randomly distributed to two teams who played and won their first game but did not reach the final.
  • The cash prizes are paid within at most one week after the tournament. The tournament organisers will reach out to the respective team captains of the teams entitles to cash prizes.
  • The cash prizes can be transferred by either bank transfer, PayPal or Revolut (fees and exchange rates may apply).
  • If a team captain fails to provide valid transfer information within one week, the cash prize of the respective cash prize becomes void.

Rule 4 - Tournament format and bracket

  • The tournament format is a single K.O. system (if you lose one game, you are out) and every round will be played in best-of-1 except for the final (which will be best-of-3).
  • The mappool will consist of the following maps de_dust2, de_vertigo, de_inferno, de_ancient, de_nuke, de_mirage and de_overpass. Vetoes (servers and maps) will be done in the lobby of challengermode automatically.
  • The top 8 teams according to the EU ranking of will be seeded. The current EU ranking can be found using the following link:
  • The remaining teams (up to 24) will be seeded randomly in the bracket. The bracket will created and published by 3pm, 9 October 2021, the latest (please note that your team needs to check-in to be able to be seeded)

Rule 5 - Tournament day and discord

  • Once the team accepted the invite on, the team captain will be sent an invite for a discord channel.
  • The premise of the discord server is to provide information or updates to the teams before and during the tournament.
  • Teams are required to do a voice check between 12pm and 1pm (1 hour before the tournament starts) on Sunday, 10 October 2021, by being in their respective voice channel on discord.
  • The voice check is being done by one of the tournament organisers.
  • Teams are required to be in their respective voice channel on discord from the start of their first game until the team lost a match (or until the end of the final the latest).
  • The tournament organisers will check the if the team is complete in the discord channel. This check has to be done until the tournament starts the latest.
  • Please note that the teams are required to check-in on the tournament site as well. Check-in on challengermode start after sign ups closed (Friday, 22 October, 1pm).
  • The tournament organisers preserve their right to join any teams discord channel at any time during the tournament.

Rule 6 - Any issues arising during the tournament

  • The servers are provided by The tournament organisers have no control over the servers selected. The tournament organisers have no control over potential website issues of
  • All matches after the first round will be start as soon as possible. Teams have 10 minutes to join the lobby of the match and another 10 minutes to join the game (after vetos).
  • The server are set up to have 5 tactical timeouts with each timeout taking 1 minutes and 2 technical timeouts (up to 5 minutes) per team.
  • If serious issues arise (see below a non exhaustive list of non-serious issues), the tournament organisers can choose to restart a game or backup to specific rounds.
  • The decisions made to restart a game or backup to a specific round are made by the tournament organisers on a case-by-case basis.
  • The following list is a non exhaustive list of when a game will not be replayed/restarted: Player having packet loss to the server, one player disconnecting from the server, players peripheral devices not working
  • These rules are in place to ensure a smooth and timely conclusion of the tournament.

Rule 7 - Streaming and Casting

  • The players participating are encouraged to stream their games. The players streaming their matches are encouraged to stream with a delay of at least 120 seconds.
  • Streamsniping or ghosting is discouraged. Because these things are hard to detect and punish fairly, we encourage streamers to put on sufficient delay to minimize any effect these methods could have.
  • Any people are invited to cast/present the games and support the female CS GO scene by doing so.
  • If you are interest in casting/presenting any of the games please of this tournament, please contact @Allenwinden360 or use the form.

Rule 8 - Support, questions around this tournament

  • If you have any questions around this tournament, please reach out to @Allenwinden360 via twitter, discord or steam.
  • For specific questions for teams who joined the tournament and during matches, please use the dedicated discord server of this tournament.

Rule 9 - Loopholes in the rules and closing comments

  • All times mentioned in these rules are in CEST (Zurich, Berlin, Paris time)
  • The tournament organisers reserve to add, modify or delete rules until the first match of the tournament is played.
  • The tournament organisers reserve the right to disqualify any team which has violated any of the above rules beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • The tournament organisers can disqualify any team for additional reasons not explicitly mentioned in the rules above.

Contact Information

This tournament is organised and funded by Allenwinden360. For questions, contact him on Twitter.

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